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To save everyone some effort, I have collected the .rom files for the 41CL in a single rom_files_180924.zip file. This file is suitable for use with the clupdate-1.1.0.zip software written by Sylvain Cote.

Kari Pasanen has written an assembler (in C) for the HP41. This assembler generates a listing file from an mcode source, but does not output object code.

Transferring files between the 41CL and a PC needs software on the PC to transfer the data. Raymond Wiker wrote these .NET programs for just this purpose.

Antti Louko wrote these Python scripts for uploading and downloading when using Linux. The data is read and written in hex for easy post-processing, which means you can't use a .rom file directly.

./write1.py /dev/ttyUSB0 4800 < Hex-file.hex
./read1.py -f Output-file.hex /dev/ttyUSB0 9600

Python script for download to 41CL (.py)

Python script for upload from 41CL (.py)

Geir Isene wrote this Ruby script for 41CL serial transfers with Linux/Unix/MAC OSX. Instructions for using the script are given by running 'pc41.rb --help' in a terminal.

Ruby script (.txt)

Bernd Grubert wrote this Python script for 41CL serial transfers. Instructions for using the script are in the .txt file.

clio instructions (.txt)

clio Python script (.py)

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